4 Ways to increase customer engagement post-holiday
Historically, businesses tend to see a  slump in sales  in the months immediately after the busy holiday season. To help you increase customer engagement over the next few months and into the spring of 2021, we put together a list of ways you can keep your customers interested and beat the post-holiday slump. 1. Send ...
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5 Ideas to make your ecommerce business more sustainable
What’s better for the environment: buying online or in-store? Well, it depends. One truck delivering 100 packages is generally far more efficient than 100 individuals taking separate car journeys to the store. But the equation quickly changes when you consider next- and same-day delivery, missed delivery attempts, and buying with the intention of returning much ...
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Returns ‘worst’ part of shopping experience
Customers often find returning items difficult. American shoppers are not happy with the returns process. Nearly six in 10 (58%) respondents said they would be willing to do “nearly anything” to avoid returning items, according to a survey of 2,000 U.S. adults conducted by OnePoll for social shopping platform Slickdeals. Sixty-six percent said they believe the worst part ...
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How content marketing reinforces customer retention strategy
Having a balanced business model is the end all be all for every company. A strong sales team doesn’t do any good if your business can’t retain its customers. Customer retention doesn’t do any good if the cost to retain customers outweighs the revenue they generate back to your business. What is customer retention? Customer ...
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Do you know what holistic search is?
About  27% of all website traffic comes from paid search and 53% comes from organic search, making it critical for businesses to have a search strategy that includes both channels. Unfortunately, many companies miss out on the synergy that comes from running paid and organic search as one, holistic search strategy. Most often, organic and paid search programs run independently—with PPC and SEO sitting on different teams, ...
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4 Ways your ecommerce checkout is hurting your business
Does your checkout need a checkup? For nearly all eCommerce businesses, the answer is an emphatic yes, according to Elastic Path partner, Stripe. In a recent study that surveyed leading B2B and B2B eCommerce sites and customers, Stripe discovered that 96% of sites in North America, as well as 95% in Asia-Pacific and 94% in ...
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Chatbot vs Live Chat: What’s the difference?
Implementing a chat widget is a way to increase your order value by 60%. Without a doubt, you need to have one on your website. The question is, should it be a chatbot or a live chat? Choosing between these two isn’t easy. Both chatbots and live chat offer a number of benefits, resulting in a ...
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