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By Mirabai Starr


Our global climate crisis demands that we break our habits of over-consumption and engage in voluntary simplicity.  This is the antithesis of the dominant culture's emphasis on power through acquisition and the primacy of the individual. Yet it is the quintessence of the feminine values of cooperation and generosity. The masculine paradigm is predicated on scarcity, while the feminine is rooted in abundance for all. When I speak of masculine and feminine values I do not mean the literal male and female. I am not blaming environmental degradation and economic injustice exclusively on men and suggesting that women are neither materialistic nor greedy. I am invoking deeper, indwelling qualities reflected in conventional gender disparities and showing up in both women and men (and in girls and boys). Because both religion and politics, historically intermeshed, have been dominated by systems that empower men and oppress women, essential feminine values have been subverted, and this imbalance is reflected in the way we treat nature and one another.

If encountering this challenge to meet the needs of the environment elicits a vaguely guilty feeling in you, accompanied by a white-knuckled intention to tighten your belt, I invite you to relax. That’s the shadow of the masculine paradigm designed to blame you for not being perfect. The feminine is not about some preconception of purity, which we could never hope to attain and which is therefore destined for failure. The way of the feminine mystic is to adore the presence of the sacred in all things. It’s about celebrating life—food, sex, beauty—not denying life.

So how do we claim this life-affirming birthright without sucking our Mother the Earth dry? By engaging the very feminine values that have been missing from our religious and political institutions: the willingness to be present, to listen, and, most of all, to allow our hearts to be moved by the suffering of the world. The great gift of the brokenhearted is a deepening of care. When we have fully faced the injustices that rage like wildfires on the margins of society and across the wildernesses of the planet, we cannot help but offer ourselves in service. We bleed for our bleeding Mother. We spontaneously rise to tend her.
pp 138-139

Dear Friends,

Our mission at Anam Cara is to make meditation training freely available to everyone and to support people in their ongoing meditation practices. We do this through free weekly programs now on Zoom, our website, retreats, courses, YouTube, and this e-newsletter.

The new Thursday night meditation group Zoom link with added security is Meeting 665 891 390.  password: OmKaliMa

Given the state of turmoil in the world, it is especially important that we have an inner state of calm centeredness that empowers us to bring wisdom, compassion and transformation into the world. This is Dharma in action.  The practices protect and envelop us in Dharma Shakti, the power of Dharma.  Adhering to dharma, the ego mind becomes a selfless servant of All, the One that has become the many. Meditation culminates in knowing directly that you are the One and the many, nothing left out.  Tat twam asi!  Thou Art That!

Kali yuga, this present dark age, is the last in a cycle of four ages described in Eastern meditative traditions. Across the ages the cow, symbolizing dharma, has been weakened.  She stood strong on all four legs in the first age, satya yuga, the high point of truth and dharma in the world.  With each successive age she has lost a leg, symbolizing the decline of truth and dharma.  In this dark age, when the beloved cow of dharma is on her last leg, we are her legs, we have to stand for dharma, walk dharma into the world, be dharma warriors actively walking love, compassion, wisdom and service into the world. In the past it was fine to wrap oneself in practices, merge into unity consciousness and let go of the rest of the world!  Not now!  Out of the caves, out of monasteries, off our cushions, we have to take dharma, the truth, the love and the practices, fearlessly into all environments. We may cry a river of tears for all the pain and suffering in the world and we stand as a pillar of fire, the fire of love and compassion, illuminating the way forward, the way of dharma in action.  Be the light that illumines all around you!

When I was offering meditation programs in prisons for years I saw the power of grace, Shakti Kundalini, inherent in the mantras and practices, transform the lives of even murderers.  We need to bring the power of our practices, wisdom, love and service into the halls of power, into government and corporate headquarters and into underserved communities.  The economic and political systems we've evolved are the epitome of kali yuga - profits above all, empty, afflicted individuals voraciously consuming the environment and people with no end to their hunger for power and possessions. May our practices empower us to be agents of wakefulness, love and compassion as we work to transform our economic and political systems. Meditation is key to our inner and outer transformation.

As a non-profit educational organization we are grateful for the support of participants and donors whose generosity makes all this possible. Because of your generous gifts we are in our 19th year of serving meditators and seekers around the world. I deeply appreciate the many ways people help us to fulfill our mission, including sharing this newsletter with others and telling people about our programs.  It's a privilege for me to serve the Anam Cara community.  Please contact me,, if you have anything you would like to share with me. 

With love and respect for all,

Lawrence Edwards, PhD - Founder & Director
Anam Cara Meditation Foundation

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