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aqua3S project has kicked off its activities since September 2019 and we already count one full year of activities and developments that we look forward to sharing with you. Our newsletter aims to provide you with up-to-date information on the project's results, on recent events as well as on other project-related topics. Keep yourself informed about the ongoing aqua3S activities & project news!

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What is the aqua3S project about?

Exposure of citizens to potential disasters has led to vulnerable societies that require risk reduction measures. Drinking water is one of the main risk sources when its safety and security are not ensured. aqua3S project steps in to combine novel technologies in water safety and security, aiming to standardize existing sensor technologies. Read more

The 1st aqua3S prototype is now tested
On the 3rd of November, the aqua3S team tested its first prototype. Through multiple scenarios which involved blackouts in wells, detection of quality anomaly in water and leakages, the involved end users in Italy (Trieste) and Bulgaria (Sofia and Dolni Okol) tested the 1st prototype by simulating their daily operations and crisis emergencies that could be dealt with the aqua3S system. All user requirements referring to the 1st prototype of the system have been met and the team is currently working on the 2nd prototype, which is going to be based on other Pilot Use Cases, as well. Read more about the aqua3S Pilot Use Cases here.

What are the highlights from the FIWARE Water Day 2020?

Dr. Anastastios Karakostas from CERTH participated in the FIWAREWaterDAY in September 2020 with a presentation on the aqua3S project, its objectives and future actions. The virtual event welcomed a range of specialists and thought-leaders in the field of water that were there to discuss how we can best link the physical and digital world with OpenSource and standards for a more efficient resource management and for overcoming the current challenges in the water sector. Presentations from the projects Digital Water City, Fiware4water, NAIDES and SCORE Water also followed. Read more  on the FIWARE Water Day.
aqua3S in ICT4Water Cluster
aqua3S is participating in the ICT4Water cluster as a member of the Cybersecurity action group. Within the context of the Cybersecurity action group, aqua3S alongside CETAQUA, ATOS and SINTEF aims to raise awareness and R&I on cybersecurity in the water sector and to strengthen the collaboration with the European Cybersecurity Network. 
The action group is currently working on a White Paper on Cybersecurity in the water sector that will be published in order to raise awareness on the emerging aspect of security in the water field. More actions also take place, such as regular calls on progress reporting, contacts with ENISA/ECSO for cybersecurity matters, as well as contribution to ICT4Water deliverables ("DSS for Integrated Water System Management"). Read more on the ICT4Water Cluster.
 Community of Users: Why does it matter?

CERTH is trying to have a strong presence among End Users by having an active role in events organised by CoU (Community of Users) to strengthen the collaboration with them. This is important for the aqua3S team not only for gaining insights about the project’s progress and how it can further improve its activities but also for having the voice of potential final users of aqua3S system heard while keeping them actively involved in its developments. More specifically, during this period, aqua3S has been presented to the DRS Workshop on Standardization, organized by the CoU in September 2020. In this workshop, Dr. Anastasios Karakostas presented aqua3S, its progress and its contribution towards standardization methods in the water sector. 
aqua3S will be present at
Water Projects Europe 2020

aqua3s will be presented at the Water Project Europe workshop, organised in the context of Water Knowledge Europe 2020 Horizon Europe online event coming up from 9 to 15 December. The workshop will be focused on the Digital challenges & perspectives towards a green and digital transition and will be held from 9:30 to 11:30 on December 11. Read more about the event.
New aqua3S video is coming up

aqua3S is preparing its first official video. The video will summarise the problem and  the challenges targeted, the project’s objectives as well as its expected impacts and benefits in an easy to understand and captivating way for every audience. Keep your eyes peeled on our social media.

3 December 2020

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