IN 4.0 project  :

IN 4.0 Innovation for naval performance

The project aims to promote the modernization of the naval sector through the implementation of actions that help to transform SMEs in 4.0, identifying barriers that prevent the innovation of business model of naval sector, improving the companies` productive processes, transforming the work organization systems, knowledge and commercialization, as well as training workers of the naval sector in new occupations /tasks.

A project with a strong ambition: develop NAVAL - SHIPBUILDING - MARITIME intelligence
On 20 NOVEMBER 2017, Vigo hosted IN 4. 0 Project kick-off meeting. The event was all about innovation and knowledge-sharing among expert partners from the maritime industry.
The ten partners, who represent each sector of the Industry, are striving for a competitive, innovative and visible maritime industry. All of them are determined to pull every single lever of business.
We all share a common goal: develop the MARITIME INDUSTRY OF THE FUTURE, with cutting-edge, state-of-the art technology.

A clear objective and action plan:
Re-examine and develop what is there to devise an efficient and relevant action plan and support SMBs     through a structural revolution to make them ready for a structural “revolution”, as a challenging future awaits them.

1st steering Committee PORTO
How do we get to grips with innovation? Are we all in sync ? Are there any discrepancies between the partnered countries -Spain, Portugal, England, Ireland and France ?
These questions on the Project steering committee agenda have all been answered on 28 and 29 June in Porto: the partners’ determination has made it possible to share a clear outlook on the strengths and hurdles to be factored in when considering the industry’s development.
Communication is key all through a project life cycle. That is why DEPO and BPN team up to design communication tools that notably include a website and a newsletter to display real-time status updates on the project.
“Every contributor has given evidence of the varied uses of 4. 0 technologies by businesses. The partners have sourced relevant info from their databases and have thus been able to characterise the many innovative processes already in use in the Industry. However, small and medium-sized companies still need to bridge the gap.”, says observer Coline FIQUET from Pôle EMC2, in charge of WP4 on Analysis, Context and Latest Developments.

"Our objective with this IN 4.0 Programme is to raise awareness and promote cooperation among all participating countries to lead innovation", says Benjamin López in representation of DEPO.
Maritime manufacturing meeting

Spring is just great for innovation! There couldn’t have been a better time for IN 4. 0 to introduce the objectives and action plan to the Industry stakeholders.

A whole world of promising perspectives and innovative options opened to the visitors at the 1st Maritime Manufacturing Meetings, in Saint-Nazaire. 
On April 11 and 12, 2018, at the instigation of Pôle EMC2, a large audience found out about the exciting range of opportunities in the shipbuilding sector, including pleasure yachting, with 55 representatives of the trade and 85 solution-providers for the future of the Industry. 

Three IN 4. 0 partners, EMC2, ACLUNAGA and BPN spent 2 days working intensely together: as a result, they exposed clear objectives to the many representatives of the trade who showed interest in the IN 4. 0 Project content. The discussions proved fruitful and led to rally new, determined and enthusiastic businesses.

With over 10 country representatives, this business event was a unique opportunity for the Industry’s contractors and co-contractors to make the most of their exchanges and identify the forthcoming technologies that will boost their competitiveness on a daily basis.

Among the solutions put forward were the following:
  • Advanced design technologies (Modelling, calculation, simulation, mechanical design, digital modelling, PLM, plant installation and flow simulation…)
  • Advanced production technologies (innovative production processes, automation and robots, logistics and related services, maintenance, operator support with AI, IOT, exoskeleton, virtual and augmented reality…), …
  • Advanced industrial performance methods (lean manufacturing, capitalising on know-hows and skill-transfer, waste management, purchase management, circular economy and sustainability, ergonomics,…) .

23 and 24 October 2018


The Blue Economy in the EU Atlantic area: Supporting sustainable jobs, competitive skills and careers.

23 to 26 October 2018


4 days about innovation : the 1st EURONAVAL tradeshow on Naval Defence, 23-26 October, Paris-LE BOURGET

Tuesday 13th November 


Nantes, Technocampus Ocean- SHEET METAL FORMING


14-16 November 2018


The 2018 Business2Sea Sea Forum will be hosted from 14 to 16 November in Porto. This 8th EDITION is initiated by FORUM OCEANO and will have ‘2030 Sea Challenges’ as its main topic.

4 December 2018


Short before the year comes to a close, BPN and IEF AERO will come forward with a great Business event.

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