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Increasing Your Websites Traffic to Increase Profit

 Hey again!

I hope you are enjoying being apart of this course because I love getting to see your guys' blog grow!

Today we are going to talk about how to increase your websites traffic to increase your profitability. 

If you thought you needed a pen and paper yesterday, you are going to be dying for a pen and paper for this email!

I know I preach that you don't have to be a prominent blogger to make money, which is true, however growing your audience will never hurt. If you build your audience in the right way, it should increase your income. Let's get into it.

You built a blog but now what?

So you have gotten to the point where you have decided a niche for your blog, got hosting, a domain name, installed a theme, but what should you do next? 

My recommendation is to start focusing on one of our two social media accounts. I always recommend Pinterest, Facebook & Twitter.

Twitter is not needed, but it is easy to keep up with, it isn't somewhere you are going to build a big audience though. I use it mostly for fun. If you don't like Twitter don't feel like you need one. 

However, if you create a twitter make sure you have a branded header photo, bio, username and account name. This way if your followers want to follow you and connect with you they can.

Facebook is a great place to learn and connect with your audience in many cases. I recommend creating a Facebook account separate from your personal Facebook account and use that to create a page where people can like your website. This way your friends and family won't be seeing stuff from your site all the time when they don't really care about it.

Also, you can use Facebook to grow your audience. Say you have a vegan food blog it would be a good idea to join a Facebook group for vegans there you can share your recipes and blog and connect with your target audience. 

You can find these groups by searching for them in the regular search bar.

However, while there are many Facebook groups their may not be one for your niche. Here is a list of Facebook groups where you can share your blog posts, and social media posts to grow your website no matter what your niche is:

Group 1: Blogging Boost

Group 2: Connecting Bloggers

Group 3: Bloggers Supporting Bloggers

Group 4: Stumbles and Shares

Group 5: Bloggers Social Media Support.

These groups are great places to share your content to get feedback on your blog and create your initial audience.

PINTEREST: now Pinterest is the mac daddy of blogging. I am guessing it is probably how you found my website and the reason you can take this free course.

Pinterest will change your life when it comes to blogging if you do it right.

My biggest tip when it comes to Pinterest and growing your blog is pinning your own content every single day! Even when you didn't write a new blog post, re-pin old posts from your website.  Here are the most important things you can do to capture the right audience even if it is small.

  1.  Make sure your Pinterest name includes your name (or website name) and what you talk about. My name is: Taylor Stanford - Blogging Tips, Make Money From Home because that is what I talk about, and what people come to my website for.
  2. Make sure you are using a business account; Pinterest analytics will tell you so much about your audience once you get started.
  3. Make sure your Pinterest bio has some opt-in, or link to your website so people who go to your page can find more of your content.
  4. Make sure all of your boards have to do with your website's subject. Food bloggers shouldn't have living room decor boards, and fashion bloggers shouldn't have low carb food boards. If you still want to pin stuff for your personal life then create secret boards.
  5. Make sure the description on all of your Pinterest boards is nothing but keywords. For instance, my board is titled blogging tips and the description is: "Blogging tips, blog tips, how to start a blog, increase traffic, increase profitability, make money blogging, how to make money blogging, how to start a blog, WordPress, Squarespace, blogger, blog affiliates, make money online, make money from home, make money." You are to want to do this for all of your boards. A great way to find what keywords you should be using for your content is to scroll down and see the keywords that Pinterest recommends for you.
  6. Make sure you have 10-15 boards that all pertain to the content on your website.
  7. Make sure all your pins are long skinny images with big text. You want them to be easy to read and colorful enough to get someones attention. Your pictures should be at least twice as long as they are wide. If you use, there is a free "Pinterest Image" template which is a great place to start when you are just beginning.
  8.  Make sure to pin every single day. Many times a day! I pin 30 times a day minimum. I use a paid account on Tailwind now to pin for me because it makes my life much easier. It automatically pins stuff you tell it to at the best times for it to be seen by your audience.  If you are serious about blogging, I highly recommend it. It has changed my life by making me spend much less time on Pinterest, but still getting the same results.

I could go on about what you need to do with Pinterest forever, but these are the things that really matter. These are the things that will make a difference.

Now that I have written a whole novel about how to increase your website's traffic, and find your target audience. I think its time I hush!

I hope this email helps you grow your audience. I can't wait to see your blog all over my Pinterest account.

I will be back in your inbox tomorrow where we will talk about:

  • Day 6: Wrap up & Guide to follow for the future to maximize profit.

Thanks again for joining my course! I am so excited to see your blog grow!

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