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 Welcome to day two of my how to start a profitable blog course!

Today we are going to talk about email marketing, blog posts, terms you need to know as a blogger and how to motivate yourself to keep blogging in the beginning.

Side note: If you didn't start a blog yesterday, and now you want to, reply to this email and say "I need day one again" and I'll send it to you ASAP.  Or, you can click here to read a blog post I wrote walking you through step-by-step how to start a blog. *this email contains affiliate links.
This is the thing I want to get out of the way first because it is so important: 

Email marketing is how I took my blog from making $0 per month to making $10,000+ per month. So that's why I want to get this topic out of the way first. 

If you spend a lot of time on Pinterest or researching how to make money blogging you will see bloggers say things like: you need an email list, and email opt-ins to get people to join that list. 

However, they don't tell you where to sign up, or how to create an email list. So that's what I am going to do first today.

Let's go over the involved terminology: 

Email list: is a list of people who have given you their email so you can send them information similar to what you blog about. For instance, you are on my email list for people looking to learn about blogging. 

Email service: this is where you collect emails, and send emails to everyone on your list. It would be no fun to type a bunch of email addresses into the to field on Gmail. The email service I recommend throughout this email course is Constant Contact because it is super easy to use and free for the first 60 Days so you can get a feel for it. 

Opt-in or Opt-in freebie: this is a freebie you giveaway to get people to join your list. For example, you entered my email list to get this free course on how to start a profitable blog.

Opt-in form: this is the box you put on your website that people put their email into, so it gets added to your email list.

Autoresponder / welcome email: this is the email that automatically sends when someone joins your email list. 

Now that you know the terminology lets go through why, and how to get started.

The reason that I have this in day two of this email course is that I believe that you should have an opt-in email form in each blog post because your email list is how you are going to make money and build a relationship with your audience that will turn them into customers.

The reason your email list will make you money is that it gives you the opportunity to honestly talk to people one on one, so people feel like they are getting more from you than any Pin on Pinterest, or photo on Instagram.

Before I started using my email list I was making hardly any money; then once I started actually engaging in my email list, I now make over $10,000 per month. So I truly know that it changes everything and I don't want you to waste time as I did. 

How to get started: 

Today I am going to walk you through signing up with Constant Contact because I love their software and it is entirely free for the first 60 Days with no credit card required so you can genuinely try it before you buy it. 

However, I'm sure once you try it you will love it!

1. First, you are going to click here to get to Constant Contact.

  It will take you to a page that looks like this:

2. Then you are going to put in your email and click "Start your free trial" it will take you to a form that looks like this:

3. Then you will see a screen that says your account is being created; then a pop-up will come up and ask if you want help creating emails. You can close it for now.

4. then you will be brought to a questionnaire; this helps them get an understanding of what you are doing.

You did it! Now we are ready to start email marketing!
Now we are going to create your first email list, and send your first email so you can get a feel for how the service works. If you have any questions when you create your first opt-in and welcome email feel free to email me.

Here is what your screen should look like now: 

At the top of the screen next to campaigns, you are going to click "contacts" that is where your email lists will be stored. 

which will bring you to the contacts page then on the left side of the page you are going to click the "+" next to email lists.

Once you click the "+" next to email lists you should see a pop up come up asking you to name your new list which looks like this:

Then go ahead and name your list something that you will remember it as I name my lists by what type of content I am going to send people. So if the list is going to be people who get your blog posts to their email, then I would title it like blog subscribers. If you are following the course to get a feel for it you can call this list "Test List."

I called my list "Test List" once you click to add a list you can then click the name of the list on the left side of the screen to be taken to your new list! Here is what it will look like:

I always recommend adding yourself to the list that way you know when you send it, it actually sent so click "Add Contacts" > "Type in one contact."
You should be taken to this screen: fill in your name, and email address then click save.

You officially now have an email list with one person on it!

Now we are going to send a test email so you can see what the process is like and see if you have any questions for me.
To send your first email, you are going to click "campaigns" at the top of the screen which will bring you here:


You are then going to click "Create" the button on the top right. 

Which will bring up this screen:

You are going to click "Email" then it will ask you for your website URL to match your website. If you don't have your theme the way you would like it, click no thanks. 

If you put in your website pick any template that came up if you clicked no thanks then select Basic review/testimonial. 

It will then show you a quick demo video of how to add content to the email. First, change the subject and stuff at the top of the page. Then drag and drop in some different features and add text. 

Here is what my test email looks like:

Then go ahead and click "Continue" it doesn't have to be a beautiful email this is just so you get to understand the process. After you click continue this is what you should see: 

Select the email list you made earlier, and go ahead and Fill in all the fun stuff like your address.

Finally, you are going to click "Send now." 

Woohoo! You did it! You created your first email! Now head to your inbox in another tab to see how fast it comes to you, and how it looks if people actually received an email from you.

Hopefully, you now have a feel for Constant Contact!

Important note:
In an upcoming email, I will walk you through how to create opt-ins and opt-in forms for your blog to grow and monetize your blog.

So you'll want to make sure to follow the step-by-step above to get signed up and send a test email to yourself now so you are ready for that email because I won't be going through this step-by-step again then. 

Now on to more fun stuff!


I have always been particular with my goals and made sure I think of my goals daily, so I continue to be motivated to reach them. A few of the big goals I have achieved so far:

  1.  Get my first house in my twenties (I did it last year!)
  2.  Figure out a way to work from home to be with my family (I found blogging)
  3.  Figure out a way to travel at least once a month even it's just a weekend (I've been doing this since February 2016)

I am a firm believer that anything you set your mind to, if you think of it daily and work hard to achieve it. 

I turned my blog into my full-time job in 7 months because I was determined not to fail. If failure isn't an option, it can't happen. 

How do you turn your idea into a business and be sure you won't fail? 

Well for starters know that it will be hard, it will take a lot of work. That is why you have to have a passion and determination. After you have determined that you are determined and passionate, it takes a clear vision. It is not enough just to be passionate about blogging; you need to have a clear picture of why you are starting this blog. 

Here is a little activity that might help you:

  1. Get a piece of paper and a pen.
  2. Write down 5+ reasons you wish you had a money making blog (the more specific, the better) here are a few of my examples for 2019.


  •  I want to be an income earning, stay at home mom, so I can my future babies grow up. 
  •  I want to buy a new red 2019 Ford Expedition Platinum in 2019 (it's a good travel/family SUV)
  • I want to be able to buy or build a new home in 2020 where my kids will grow up.
  • I want to be able to continue to get my nails done every two weeks (because it's my only "me" time)
  • I want to continue to be able to travel once a month without being stressed about money.
  • I want to continue to save for retirement. 

3Write down the amount of money you believe you need to earn monthly to make those goals a reality. Here are a few of my examples

  • Making at least $10,000 per month will continue to support me, my future kiddos, and my husband with the life we hope to live.
  • If I save $3,000 per month, I will be able to buy the Ford Expedition outright by summer. 
  •  To buy a new house I will need to make at least $10,000 per month while saving nearly 30% of our monthly income.

4. Pick the amount of money you need to make monthly to achieve all the things on the list and write it at the bottom of the paper In this sentence: "I will make.... per month blogging".

I will make $10,000 per month of blogging. 

5. Put this sheet of paper somewhere and look at it daily. 

For me, I took a picture of it on my phone and first thing In the morning I look at it to remind myself why I am doing this, and how grateful I am to be in the position where being a full-time blogger is my reality. 

To me looking at my list everyday motivates me to want to work hard, and it makes me be dying to work on my blog. 

Now that I hopefully have motivated you actually to work on your blog, let's dive into how to create quality blog posts:

First, I just wanted to say, if you don't know already, I recommend following me on Instagram: @ByTaylorStanford. In my stories, I post tips and tricks about how to blog better.

To write a blog post in WordPress, you are going to log in to Bluehost, then go to "my sites," then go to "posts" in the lefthand menu and click "posts." 

at the top of the page, you are then going to click "add new."

Now let's get into how to write a quality blog post:

Before I write a blog post, I like to brainstorm ideas to write about. You want to write a blog post that does three things:
  1. Teaches the reader something.
  2. Entertains the reader.
  3. Gives the reader a final call to action. 
People are far more inclined to read something when it does all three of those things. 

So how do you write a blog post? 

Writing a quality blog post is easy because no one else has your opinion or experience, so almost every blog post you write will be teaching people something.

When you are writing a blog post that teaches you typically want to set it up in this format:

Introduction: What you are going to be talking about, why you are talking about it, and why you are qualified to talk about it.

here is a short example:

"Have you ever wanted to go on a vacation but you were broke? I can totally relate. For the first few years of my marriage, my husband and I were broke, but we still loved to travel. I realized by talking to a friend that many people didn't know how to travel while they were broke. So I decided today to write a blog post sharing my best tips for traveling on an extra tight budget. "

Numbered talking points: Outline your main points with numbers. This helps the reader to navigate through what is most important in the post.

here is an example:

1. Sign Up For a Gas Rewards Program
2. Buy Travel Gift-Cards at Costco
3. Put Your Small Travel Savings in a High-Interest Savings Account
4. Use Priceline Secret Hotels
5. Travel With Friends
6. Always Pack a Cooler
7. Try Checking Out National Parks

A Call to Action: When you are trying to grow your blog, or grow your income from your blog, each blog post should always contain a call to action somewhere in the post.

here are a few ideas for a call to action:
  • Fill out the form below to join my email list I send out weekly tips for traveling on a budget. (then you would put an email sign up form just below that statement)
  • Click here to read about how to  plan your next vacation (then link to a post you wrote about how to plan a budget vacation)
  • Click here to get 10% off your next hotel stay (this could be a great way to include an affiliate link to make money)
When writing your blog posts, you should also write them in that order of introduction, main talking points, then close the blog post with a call to action. 

You also want to make sure of a few things before you hit publish on that blog post.

You want to make sure that your title is searchable, so instead of titling the post "The Vacation I Planned Last Summer" you would want to title it "How to Plan a Vacation on a Tight Budget - How I Went on Vacation for Less than $300."

That way the title is something someone would search for, then a (-) mark to separate it, then you still include an eye-catching second title that makes people who are already on your website more interested in reading it.

That is how you write a quality blog post; we will dive into how to monetize a quality blog post in a few days. So for now just be brainstorming blog post ideas.

Tomorrow I am going to teach you how to create your logo, and branding so your website looks professional!


Need technical help with your blog? Bluehost has Wordpress experts that can help you FREE OF CHARGE (with hosting) with any technical hiccups you may run into, through their program Blue Flash!


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